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We are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization, first incorporated in Washington, DC over 40 years ago, and now operating on the West Coast and globally online. Werely on tax-deductible donations to support our global work. To help out, please click Donate below. We're so glad you came by, and we hope you enjoy the love.

Contact Information


Twitter (@cwparcata)

Phone: 360-980-9001

Email: cwparcata@gmail.com


PO Box 821 
Vancouver, WA, 98666-0821

We are a nondenominational spiritual community, serving individuals, groups, the community, and the world in the following ways:

Ordained Ministers 

Our philosophy is "your day, your way". We officiate weddings, births, celebrations of life, and other memorable transitions by working with you to create the celebration that is meaningful and personal to you. Please visit the pages below, or contact us for information.

  • Weddings
  • Babies: welcoming in the womb and after arrival, naming, blessing (to come)
  • Space Clearings and Blessings: Home, Business, and Other (to come)
  • Celebrations of Life, Memorials, and Remembrances (to come)
  • Other Sacred Life Events, Transitions, and Passages (to come)

Intuitives, Complementary Healers, Spiritual Coaches 

As healers we have extensive training and experience using a number of energy healing, energy psychology, and spiritual coaching techniques, including CWP's whole being wellness program, the Teleios Technique. We work with individuals, families, and groups. Please visit the pages below, or contact us for information.

Licensed Pastoral Counselors

We provide spiritual support and counseling as a community service. Please contact us for assistance.

Blessings, Aho, and Namaste

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